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PayU’s tailored payment solutions

  • International payment solutions

    Payments can be sent or received from anywhere across the world in just a matter of minutes with PayU’s international payments acceptance feature allowing consumers to pay in the local currency.

  • Enterprise solutions

    PayU empowers businesses with easy integration, best in class payment solutions, seamless transactions, enterprise grade solutions offering best success rates and scalability.

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    Solutions for home businesses

    PayU allows home business owners to collect payments faster with its suite of products, without any knowledge of coding.We help businesses to create an online presence, build a business website and offer payments links, quickly and eas

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    Solutions for professionals and freelancers

    PayU enables professionals to create payment pages, send professional invoices or send payment links through WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook or their preferred communication channels, thus collecting payments instantly.

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    Alternative lending solutions

    PayU provides easy access to credit at the click of a button, with minimal documentation and flexible repayment options. Three different products for differing needs – deffered payments, credit at point of sale and loans.

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    Solutions for physical stores

    PayU powered Bharat QR allows customers to pay via different payment modes, through any app of their choice, at physical stores.

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